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Dilworth park

The newly transformed Dilworth Park at City Hall reopened to the public in September 2014.


Broad & Market Streets
West Side of City Hall

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Hours of Operation:

Open 7 days a week,

6 am - 1 am

About the Park

Dilworth Park has been transformed from an inaccessible, multi-level, hard-surface plaza into a sustainable, well-maintained, green public space without stairs or barriers from the street. By covering existing openings and removing unnecessary walls, steps and barriers, the renovated Dilworth Park now has 20,571 square feet of new useable area (an increase of 21%) resulting in an expanded 120,557-square-foot public space. There will be a large lawn, tree groves, a programmable fountain and space for 400 benches and chairs. The underground has been dramatically improved as a new transit gateway, providing entrances to Broad Street and Market Street subways and the trolley lines. New elevators will make the transit levels accessible for the first time.


Watch the project on the Dilworth Park Live construction cam.



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Dilworth Park is in the ranks of the city’s most desirable venues. This grand, state-of-the-art park sets a new standard for social, celebratory and business functions, and offers the flexibility to accommodate every need. Imagine your networking event, corporate or wedding reception or, milestone birthday party at the center of Center City, adjacent to historic City Hall.

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Transformative projects like Dilworth Park cannot happen without public and private partners who recognize the importance of accessible transit and high quality public spaces to the success of Philadelphia. We thank them for their support!

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